Super Hard Pills 20 Small Box / (6 pills x 1 box = 6 pills) Per small Box

$95.00 $66.00

Super Hard Sex Pills increase sexual desire, enlarge and lengthen the penis and reduce fatigue. Try some now!

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6pills/small box,6 small boxes/box

Super Hard Sex Pills maintain the biological activity of activity of active substances, such as testosterone. These substances directly enter into erectile tissue expanding the blood vessels, increasing the volume of blood entering and rapidly increasing the amount of testosterone in the blood. This causes a hard, thick and vigorous erection.

Super Hard Sex Pills:

  • Quickly arouse sexual desire
  • Enlarge and lengthen the penis
  • Reduce fatigue


a)      Increase in size, fullness and firmness
b)      Increases blood flow and vascularization to the penis
c)      Better control
d)      Sex is more intense
e)      Maintain erections much longer
f)       Effects last for 48 hours — for repeat performance all night and into the morning!
g)      Safe for hypertensive and heart patients

Super Hard Sex Pills

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